Overseas Jobs l USA Visa & Documentation process

Overseas Jobs l USA Visa & Documentation process

Overseas Jobs l USA Visa & Documentation process

Overseas Jobs l USA Visa & Documentation process

The United States is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to working and Studying too. Most of the people residing out side the America prefer America for Working or Studying due a precise number of Jobs and Studying Opportunities. One of the factor may be higher Salaries and good working environment in America. Further more if your purpose is study in America than you can also get a number of facilities over there.

Work Purpose

There are two basic ways form which you can enter in USA.

  • Temporary Employee
  • Sponsored Employee

The temporary work visa does not allow the person to work there or reside permanently.

Work visa Qualification for America

Basically there are two Conditions to work in US if you have planned to work in America. If any of the conditions are not fulfilled, the visa application is rejected, and one is not allowed or eligible
to work there. These conditions are as follows:

1.Having a Job Offer

Immigrant must have a valid Offer letter for which he have to apply in American Department or organization before giving the application for UA Visa.

2. Petition approval by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Before one applies for a work visa, the employer of the organization where they have tied up with must sign a petition with the USCIS for their non-immigrant working professional. This is one of the most important documents that one should consider while applying for a work visa. When USCIS approves the duly petition signed by the worker then rest of the visa process will be start.

3. Approval of labor certificate by Department of Labor (DOL)

These Work visa requires the receiving of Certification form the Organization DOL before they give the application for US Visa. This is supposed to be done only by the employer on behalf the immigrant. The certification from the organization required by US as a proof that they are
in need for workers from foreign countries.

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