Overseas Jobs l Qatar Visa and Immigration Process

Overseas Jobs l Qatar Visa and Immigration Process

Overseas Jobs l Qatar Visa and Immigration Process

Overseas Jobs l Qatar Visa and Immigration Process

The 2nd name of Qatar is Dawlat Qatar.

Qatar is partitioned into 8 major regions such as

  • Al-Khor
  • Al-Shamal
  • UMM Salal
  • Al-Daayen
  • Doha
  • Al-Rayyan
  • Al Wakrah
  • Al Shahaniya

Foreign Relations

Qatar has strong relations with western unions and several international institutions. The president of Qatar has a

well-known reputable association as a significant competitor in Middle East political affairs. This state has

membership in London Estates and valuable relations with the United States, United Kingdom, and British Air


Qatar has strongly supported the Muslim Brotherhood and associated groups in the Middle East. This country has

over 1.8 million citizens and most of them are migrant labors from neighbor countries. Well, Qatar is

also a member of Islamic Organization Co-operation and GCC (Gulf Council Co-operation), OPEC and Arab

Economic Unity.

Qatar Business Visa Process & Information

If the candidate wants to spread out his business in other countries, Qatar is the possible country to make an

investment in several projects.

There are two kinds of business permits in Qatar.

  • An applicant is applying for employment in Qatar that enables him to work for an employer.
  • You can make a visit to your own business category.
  • In both situations, the candidate should follow the following tips guiding principle.

In fact, the rules are not the same for all countries.

  • Italy
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Australia

They can just pay a normal fee charge of visa and get the visa after entering the state. These countries can also apply

for a visa on online platforms and they will get a visa permit on Qatar’s airport. If you are being offered for a job

opportunity, the employer will make arrangements for your visa.

Kinds of Business Visa

  • 72 Hours Business Visa

It is seen that frequently visa permit is given when a Candiate enter’s in Qatar Airport. This permit can be extended

further for 72-hours only.

The businessmen visit the country for short duration, such as making a trip just for attending the meetings or for

some important business dealings, they should prefer this kind of visas with all legal documentation.

  • Simple Business Visa

This brand of visa is relatively 72-hour business permit. This type of visas are just available for only agreement basis

and it is valid for only 3 months. The contractual employees can stay

in Qatar for only a short duration. In this case, the employers make all arrangements for this kind of visas. In

addition, the supporting employer must manage a permitted company or an organization in the state.

  • Investors Visa

This is also a type of business visas in Qatar. The persons who are wishing to make investments in Qatar have to

follow the rules and regulation also must have valid necessary document as per government of Qatar Instructions.

Moreover, the options of investment are available for only designated business ventures.

The wishing candidates must read all valuable guidelines and procedures before applying for this sort of visa. The

good thing is the candidate will be provided visa with a good residency.


  • Valid documents about your property possession.
  • Documentary proof about character and good behavior.
  • A medical report.

Necessary Credentials

To achieve this category of visa permits, some requirements in Qatar are given below.

  • A valid passport with a duration of 6 months.
  • Evidence about your enough monetary resources so that further costs can be handled.
  • A Valid proof with valid document your aim for Qatar enterence

The Pakistani citizens are also now eligible for a free visitor visa for Qatar on entering the country for the duration of

just 30 days.


There are the following requirements for Pakistani travelers.

  • The Pakistani aspirants must have a valid passport.
  • Cash of 5000 QR.
  • Valid proof about good character and health.
  • These applicants must have a return ticket.
  • The permit is approved for only 30 days but it is extendible for further 30 days after confirming the
  • return ticket. The people, who are traveling directly from Pakistan, should have a medical report with
  • proof about vaccination in opposition to polio.
  • The wishing applicants can submit the applications on online platforms or they can visit the traveling
  • departments.

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